Scurge Hive – Game Boy Advance

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Scurge Hive – Game Boy Advance

48 hours ago a distress signal was sent from a remote research lab studying a virulent organism identified as the Scurge.

Bounty hunter Jenosa Arma has been sent to investigate and salvage any research technology from within the facility. Armed with top-secret projectile gauntlets and a prototype battle suit capable of integrating technologies, she must use her skills and abilities to complete her objectives on the remote planet.

50 types of infected biological, mechanical, and energy-based creatures spanning over 350 levels of intense combat and exploration. However time is of the essence as she races to nullify the Scurge coursing throughout her own body and prevent becoming what she fears most.


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Vikt 85 g
Dimensioner 12.5 × 12.5 × 2.5 cm

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