Zenses: Ocean – Begagnat Nintendo DS spel

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Zenses: Ocean – Begagnat Nintendo DS spel

Zenses: Ocean is a collection of six puzzle games.

  • Zen-Stones involves removing all stones from the screen by touching two identical ones that lie close together. After every match the positions of the stones change and the game ends when no more moves can be made.
  • Pearl Diver involves removing pearls from the screen by connecting up to three pearls of the same color. This has to be done within a limited number of turns.
  • Turtle Turn involves flipping turtle shells so that they match the shells shown on the upper screen. Similar to Lights Out, touching a shell will flip it as well as all surrounding shells.
  • Hot Spot shows a glowfish on the upper screen that has to be recreated on the lower screen. The player can move around and rotate the pieces with the stylus.
  • Shell Twirl shows a number of black shapes. The aim is to pick shells from columns on the sides and drop them onto the black shapes that match.
  • Wave Breaker shows three shells on the screen and the player has to remember their positions. A wave will appear after a few seconds and hide the shells and it is up to the player to touch the pile that hides the shell that is asked for.

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