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Rugby Challenge 2006 – Begagnat Playstation 2 spel

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Rugby Challenge 2006 – Begagnat Playstation 2 spel

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Rugby Challenge 2006Begagnat Playstation 2 spel

Rugby Challenge 2006 is a game which contains both rugby simulation and managerial features. The game has multiple game modes:

  • Friendly: in which the player can play as any club against an any other club
  • Competition: which features the World Championship, the RBS 6 Nations, Three Nations, European Cup, a Tour, Leagues, and Cups.
    In the Tour the player can select any of the international teams represented and tour Europe, Oceania, Africa, or America with differing numbers of nations to play against in each location.
    The Leagues available include the English Premiership, the Top 14 (France), the Celtic League (now, 2015, called the Pro 12 and featuring teams from Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales), and the Southern League which comprises teams from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. There is also an option to create a custom league.
    The Cups that can be competed for mirror the leagues that can be played in, they are the English Cup, French Cup, Celtic Cup, Southern Cup, Super Cup and again there is an option to create and compete for a custom cup.
  • Challenge: There are five game options in this category.
    • Classic Matches. South Africa had been undefeated for sixty years when New Zealand brought that run to an end in 1956. In the first challenge the player controls the South African team and tries to prevent the defeat. There are ten ‘Classic Matches’ in all, the remaining nine are locked until the first challenge has been completed, they include playing as Scotland and trying to beat England; playing as the British isles and trying to neat New Zealand; playing as the USA and trying to beat France; playing as Wales and trying to beat Ireland.
    • Try Survival: The player competes in a series of matches which become progressively more difficult and must score an increasing number of tries in each
    • Hot Potato: A variation on the standard game where a player cannot hold the ball for more than three seconds, any player that does gets hit hard.
    • Old Time Rugby: Here games are played under old rules where no points are scored for a try, they can only be scored from the penalty that follows.
    • Superstars: In this variation of the standard game only one nominated player from the players team can score points.
  • Career Mode: This is a rugby management side of the game where the player takes control of a team in Division Four of a mythical league and must manage them through the seasons to become a champion team. Players can be traded, and trained, the clubs finances need to be managed, coaches appointed etc.
  • The game also has a training mode and many bonus features such as additional stadiums, teams, balls and game effects all of which are locked until the player achieves specific goals.

Matches can be three, five, seven or fifteen minutes long, can be played during the day or night, have weather effects and use one of the three difficulty settings Fun, Normal or Intensive Care.

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