Mechanic Master – Nintendo DS

Mechanic Master for the Nintendo DS handheld includes gameplay akin to The Incredible Machine, where players need to drag objects onto the screen to create Rube Goldberg devices (inventions intended to carry out a single purpose in chain reactions) in order to defeat aliens, as well as rescuing humans trapped in cages. The main storyline involves players constructing various objects to save Earth from an alien invasion. The game includes 3 gameplay modes to choose from.

In Classic Mode (the game’s main mode), players need to complete over 100 levels by using a variety of objects from the Touch Screen such as shifters (to change the flow of gravity), laser pistols to cut thorough several obstacles to progress further and even aerosol cans to blow aliens off the screen.

In Drawing Mode, players are given the opportunity to solve problems similar to the Classic Mode, but this time the items have been set up for you. Here players need to draw circles (to create portals) and ropes in order to get a machine running.

The Level Editor allows players to create their own levels, as well as sharing them with other fellow players using Multi Card Play.


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