Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Xbox 360
Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Xbox 360

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Xbox 360

Beyond time. Beyond fate. Beyond imagination.
With her friends beside her, Lightning defeated the false gods who had ruled for centuries. Now, she cannot be found.

When a meteorite strikes, bloodthirsty monsters appear from strange distortions and threaten to destroy a short-lived peace. Amidst the chaos, a stranger from the future appears, bearing the knowledge that Lightning is waiting?

Embark on a new epic to find Lightning and reshape fate. Featuring new gameplay systems and cutting-edge visuals and audio, explore a range of possibilities where your choices affect not only your environment, but even shape time and space!

It is no longer about facing your destiny. Create your future and change the world!

  • A New Tale Awaits – FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 on Xbox 360 will reveal further world-changing events from the amazing mythology as presented in the original FINAL FANTASY XIII, now featuring both familiar faces and new characters. The story of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is written in a way that can still be enjoyed without knowledge of the previous title, while series fans will find plenty of interesting references to the original story too.
  • Larger, More Interactive Environments – Places with multiple pathways to explore, and many secrets to find, offer players the chance to shape the adventure their way – giving more variety, choice, and control over the experience.
  • Time Travel – A New Dimension of Exploration – A new gameplay system called the Historia Crux, encourages players to experience choice and freedom in a way unlike any other FINAL FANTASY game. The situation, scenery, flora, fauna and weather conditions all change depending on when you visit that location. Some information and items can only be obtained in certain combinations of time and place. Untangling the threads of time is essential in witnessing the full story!
  • Enhanced Battle System – The acclaimed battle system known of FINAL FANTASY has been developed to offer even greater quality. Additional choice and variety are available through new elements such as visually dynamic Cinematic Action sequences, and an innovative battle clock that will either reward or punish players depending on their actions and choices.
  • Master of Monsters – A wide variety of over 150 different monsters inhabiting the game world can be recruited into the player’s party and battle strategy, with each creature having unique and devastating special abilities!

Tre snabba om detta Final Fantasy-spel: RPG-Spel, Äventyrsspel, JRPG-spel

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