We Sing: Robbie Williams – Nintendo Wii

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We Sing: Robbie Williams – Nintendo Wii

The video game We Sing: Robbie Williams on Nintendo Wii will feature 25 tracks from the chart-topping artist, which will be accompanied by all the original videos making it a true celebration of the British born, multimillion selling pop star.


  • The only game featuring four mics & four singers
  • together!
    • 25 iconic and chart topping song, all including videos!
    • Includes a BONUS single as an unlockable item
    • Features footage from the famous Knebworth concert
    • Robbie Williams photo gallery
    • Solo, Party, Karaoke and Jukebox modes
    • Singing lessons
    • In-game Awards
    • EIGHT Multiplayer varieties
    • Jukebox
    • Playlist feature
    • Replay your singing performance
    • Star Notes
    • Full support for HDTVs
    • Easy, Medium or Hard
    • Short or full length song modes
    • Choose your singer if there is more than one artist
    • Integrates with a USB 4 port hub
    • Compatible with Logitech USB Microphones


    • Old Before I Die
    • Angels
    • Let Me Entertain You
    • No Regrets
    • Strong
    • She’s The One
    • Rock DJ
    • Kids
    • Supreme
    • Let Love Be Your Energy
    • The Road To Mandalay
    • Eternity
    • Somethin’ Stupid
    • Beyond The Sea
    • Mr Bojangles
    • Feel
    • Come Undone
    • Something Beautiful
    • Sexed Up
    • Radio
    • Tripping
    • Advertising Space
    • Sin Sin Sin
    • Bodies
    • You Know Me


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