The Adventures of Bayou Billy – DAS – PAL – NES

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The Adventures of Bayou Billy – DAS – PAL – NES

In the retrogame The Adventures of Bayou Billy on Nintendo entertainment system you are a raging Cajun on the tail of a swamp rat. For the first time ever, three of the most awesome action video experiences explode into one mean swamp stompin’ adventure.

From zapping mobsters and wrestling gators in muddy marshes, to chasing through the streets of New Orleans, driving and a shooting in your road hugging four wheel drive doom machine, you’re up against it all!
‘Cause that gangster king of Bourbon Street has snatched your best girl – pretty little Annabelle, the sweetest honey around – and run her off to his heavily armed estate, a plantation filled with perils and pitfalls.
So muster up courage and sharpen your foot long blade. It’s time to go hunting. But if you ain’t careful, the prey will eat you alive – I Gar-Ron-Tee!

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1 recension av The Adventures of Bayou Billy – DAS – PAL – NES

  1. Jimmy

    Konamis The Adventures of Bayou Billy på NES är ett mycket svårt actionspel som är uppdelad på 3 typer av spel, först spelar man en sidscrollande brawler episod, en railgun som är kompatibel med zapper och sedan ett racingepisod.
    Skulle vilja ge den 3,5 sjärnor. Men då inte alternativet finns så får det landa på 4!

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