Invizimals – Begagnat spel till PSP

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Invizimals – Begagnat spel till PSP

Black friday Sale Price
Expires 4 december, 2022 00:01

62.10 kr


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Invizimals PSP

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Invizimals allows players to interact with their environment, using the PSP Camera to look for invisible creatures that lurk around every corner. Using the PSP on-screen sensor, players can track down the mysterious Invizimals and lay down magical traps to capture as many of them as possible. Use the Invizimals to face off in exciting battles using magic and special moves to defeat opponents. Players will teach their Invizimals to learn new attacks and evolve into bigger, stronger, creatures. Indulge in a single player game of magical discovery or enjoy multiplayer action online. Players can also trade Invizimals online with friends and build up a unique collection of amazing creatures.

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