Framsidan av spelboxen till EA Sports Tv-spel FIFA Football 2003 på playstation 1 i europeisk PAL utgåva
Fifa Football 2003 – Begagnat Playstation 1 spel

Fifa Football 2003 – Begagnat Playstation 1 spel

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Fifa Football 2003 – Playstation 1

FIFA 2003 continues the trend of improving each year’s new release by keeping the football gaming formula that worked from FIFA 2002, while also adding new features to make the game more enjoyable.

Some of these new features including a “Freestyle” control, which is activated by the right thumbstick, causing you to do special moves, such as a deke, or kick the ball a fair length forwards to gain some speed.

New and improved “dead ball” control makes corner kicks, free kicks, etc. more controllable and gives you more options. The passing game has been improved to allow better passing by kicking directly to a teammate, passing to nowhere in particular, or open passing to allow anybody to take it.

FIFA 2003 includes all FIFA clubs, leagues, and players.

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