Dynasty Warriors 5 - Playstation 2
Dynasty Warriors 5 – Playstation 2

Dynasty Warriors 5 – Playstation 2

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Dynasty Warriors 5 – Playstation 2

aka. Dynasty Warriors V – Ps2, Aka. Shin Sangoku Musou 4 (Jap)

Return to an ancient land torn apart by chaos where the mightiest warriors in history will march into combat.

Take control of these fearless fighters in this martial-arts epic where passions and dreams will live and die on the battlefield. Some will fight for peace, some for glory and others for power.

Encounter the largest cast of characters ever assembled. Conquer massive battlefields. Master a spectacular arsenal of new weapons and attacks! Welcome to the greatest Dynasty Warriors adventure of all time!

  • Meet the largest Dynasty Warriors cast ever assembled. Six new Dynasty Warriors in all for a total roster of 48 playable characters.
  • Master a supreme arsenal of devastating weapons and attacks. Destroy legions of enemy soldiers with new Musou Rage attacks and blazing 9-hit Evolution Combos!
  • New more intelligent bodyguard officers designed to help you face the greatest Tactical Action challenges to date.
  • Enhanced battlefield base system challenges your strategic decision-making in the midst of combat.
  • Smarter soldiers respond to events in battle more strategically.
  • The bodyguard characters are completely original soldiers, different from the games 48 playable Warriors.
  • Each bodyguard officer has their own unique appearance, and specializes in a weapon and ability.
  • The player has the option to use up to one bodyguard officer at each stage. The player can amass a stable of bodyguard officers and develop their skills.
  • Bodyguards can learn special abilities, but cannot execute Musou attacks (with one exception). Up to 8 bodyguard officers can be saved.

Tre snabba om detta Dynasty Warriors-spel: Strategispel, Action spel, Spel för 1-2 spelare

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