Cranium Kabookii - Wii
Cranium Kabookii – Begagnat Nintendo Wii spel

Cranium Kabookii – Begagnat Nintendo Wii spel

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Cranium Kabookii – Wii

Inspired by the best-selling Cranium board game series! You can now play your favorite board game on your favorite gaming system, so gather up to 4 teams for some family-night fun with something for everyone.

Gather up to 4 teams and challenge each other in 15 puzzle games, within the 4 categories as used in the board game (Creative Cat, Data Head, Word Worm and Star Performer). In addition to using the Wii Remote, you will decipher clues on the TV screen with your Red Decoder Glasses, so that you don’t reveal the answers to other players in the room!

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Vikt 130 g
Dimensioner 19 × 14 × 2 cm



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